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about me

Lachlan has had a deep love for Filmmaking, for as long as he can remember. As a child, he would watch all behind-the-scenes material that he could get his hands on, trying to gain as much insight as possible into the entire process (…he still does this).


He began his career almost 10 years ago as an editor in broadcast television. He started by cutting montages. Lachlan quickly moved through to long-format documentaries, as well as Feature and Short Films. And in 2017 Lachlan was awarded a Broadcast Award for his editing. These years gave him a thorough understanding of narrative filmmaking to bring to his directing.


In 2020 Lachlan made his official directorial Debut and won at New York International Film Festival.


Lullaby of Commands   |   Twelve Remain   |   2022

Comes Around   |   Twelve Remain   |   2022

The Horror, The Horror   |   Peracals   |   2021

Night In   |   Wooden Spoon Productions   |   2020

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